Google Ads – Google’s PPC Advertising Solution

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Online Advertising:

Online Advertising, also known as internet advertising or web advertising is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to customers. Online advertising includes the advertising agencies who help generate and place the ad copy and an ad server which technologically delivers the ad and tracks statistics. Online advertising is one of the most efficient ways for all sizes of businesses to expand their reach, find new clients and customers and increase profits. Online ads direct people to your website. There are many options available for online advertising like PPC, paid online display advertising and in-app ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When it comes to search engines, Google is the other name for the same and Google ads is best for PPC advertising. Google Ads is an online advertising program of Google through which one can create online ads to reach more people. It is important to reach people exactly when they are interested in the products and services you offer and search for you. Google Ads can be used to promote your business. It helps to sell products and services, raise awareness and increase the traffic to your website. When someone is looking for products or services of a type of business then a Google ad of that type of business will appear at that very moment o matter whether it is a desktop or a mobile. A well-timed ad can turn people into valuable customers. It is an online program so one can create and manage an ad campaign at any time. For advertising alongside search results, you have to select keywords to help target your ads to users searching for related keywords. Google ads let you choose to show your ads at certain times of day and also let you specify a language and location. In Google Ads, there is no minimum spending commitment and one can set and control their own budget. One can choose the placements of ad, set budget as per his comfort and can easily measure the impact of the ad. By using Google Ads to advertise online, one can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they’re searching for your products or services on Google. Google ads allow different ad formats and features to customize your ads according to your business need.

  • Facebook
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Importance of Google Ads:

It measures your performance consistently

It is difficult to measure the outcome of traditional offline advertisements also they are more expensive. Moreover, you cannot control the budget and spend. But in Google Ads, you can exactly know what happened with the campaign and measure the outcomes easily. You can fix a budget and stick to it without further expense. You can get the information regarding the ad campaign like who clicked on your ad, how many leads have been generated, the amount of traffic you got from ads to your website, the cost per lead and which keyword generated the most traffic and leads. This is very helpful as it gives insights into the ads and advertisers can understand what worked and what did not work and next time they can make improvements for better results.

Google Ads works faster than SEO

Google Ads and SEO both are used to generate traffic on websites and increase leads. Google ads work faster than SEO. A well-optimized Ad campaign can work much faster for a business to rank on the first spot in search results. In Google Ads, you can focus on multiple keywords at a time. The campaign can be turned on and off whenever you want. Also, Ads that appear on the top of the SERP get immediate visibility. Google Ads have faster and effective short term benefits while SEO has more long term benefits. For driving more traffic and leads instantly Google Ads is best.

You can reconnect with visitors of your website

With Google Ads, you can reconnect with the visitors of your website. When the users who already visited your website see the Ad of your business would be reminded of your business again. Thus the visitors who previously went through your website and didn’t take any action might consider your business again and they will remember you and might make a purchase this time.

It helps in increasing brand awareness

Google Ads not only is useful in boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions but is also an efficient way to tell people about your brand. In SEO your ranking also depends on the number of searches of your brand name but for that the brand awareness among people is important. That is why you should aim to increase brand awareness through Google Ads.

Benefits of Google Ads:

You only have to pay for results

Firstly you decide how much you want to spend on ads and pay only when someone clicks through your ad. Your bid should be based on whatever is best for your business.

Get more phone calls from customers

You can increase customer calls with ads that feature your phone number and a click-to-call action button.

You can measure the performance of your ad

With Google Ads, you can quickly track your ad’s effectiveness and easily make changes to improve the results.

You can advertise across different platforms

You can advertise and connect with customers no matter where they are. Ads can be shown on their computers, tablets, mobile phones, even in apps.

Google ads can increase shop visits

You can get more customers at your business place with business ads. As Google ads help people find your company on the map.

You can set a budget that works for your business

Google Ads can work for almost any advertising budget. You have to just set a monthly budget and never go over it. You can even pause or adjust your spend any time.

Google Ads Service by Adwebs media:

Google Ads is something that is very beneficial for faster traffic and lead generation of a website. Adwebs Media is here to manage your Google ads. Your business can be registered free of cost on Google Ads. You need to set the budget for the ads and you are good to go. Consider Adwebs Media for Google Ads. AdWebs Media, being an expert in Google Ads in Ahmedabad is all set to throw a spotlight at your business on Google.