What is Web Design and Development

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What is Web Design and Development

Web Design:

Web Design is the term used to describe the process of designing a website. Web Design is the process of planning and creating different elements of a website, from a website’s structure and layout to its fonts, colour combinations, images and graphics. Web Design is the practice of transforming an idea or a story into a visually attractive design. It is something that creates the overall look and feels when you are using a website. Web Designers aims at designing websites for desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. Web design usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development and not the software development.

We know that the first impression is the last impression and this goes for your website too. A person would get the first impression of your business by visiting your website. If the website has a good user experience and interface then the first impression of your business would be wonderful. If the user experience and interface are not good enough then the visitor would not stay on the website and might prefer the other website which is comparatively better. This means that good content is not enough your website need to have the best web design too. So the idea is simple, increase your value and make a good impression of your business by getting the web design right.

It is very important to make a website look as per your business. Let’s say you have a business of manufacturing and supplying Paint and your website has just two colours black and white. Would it look good and authentic? Nope! A dull website would eventually make the business look dull!  The web design involves design ideations, colour combinations, font selection and much more that generates a vivid user experience. Also only designing the visual aspects of the website is not enough, optimizing the user experience on the website is equally important.

Web Design encompasses web graphic design, user interface design (UI design) and user experience design (UX design).  The user experience is related to layout, clear instructions, labelling and classifications on a website. The Website should have a better interactive design so that the users can interact well on the site. The website should be easy to use for visitors and appropriate markings should be there to direct them so that they can easily find what they want to see. When the users find the website useful, they would continue using it. When users become regular on the website the business would gain the trust of the users and this can ultimately lead them to make a purchase. There are skilled users who are well versed with websites and there are users with less experience of a website too. Hence it demands the need for websites with a universal user experience and the most user-friendly interface. Web Designing is a tricky job, here the web pages should satisfy and attract customers and web users.

Web Designers handle the creative part of website designing. A web designer works on the layout and appearance of a website. A web designer designs website interfaces using HTML and CSS. They work on the structure and category of the content in the website as well as the colours, fonts and images used in it. Web Designer would consider your idea and would apply it on the website creatively. Web Designers creates a design that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing which suits the user group and brand of the website. And to do so they use a variety of different tools for designing a website. A web designer would try to foster the trust of the targeted audience by removing as many potential points of user frustration as possible.

Web Development:

Web development refers to developing and maintaining a website for hosting via the Internet or an Intranet. Web Development includes everything from developing a simple single static page to complex web applications. It also includes creating electronic businesses and social network services. Web Development involves non-design aspects of developing websites. It includes the tasks like Web Design, Web content development, Web server and network security configuration, Server-Side Scripting, and e-commerce development. Web Development considers many security considerations such as filtering output, data entry error checking through forms, and encryption. Web development is all about building websites by coding using different programming languages depending on the operating system, platform or style of the website.

The web developers work on developing a website. Web developers use different programming languages for developing websites. There are many coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, C/C++, HTML, CSS, PHP and ASP. These languages consist of their unique vocabularies, commands and syntax which would define the functionality and visuals of the websites. The web developers are also referred to as coders and they consider your idea f a website and translate it into a coding language so it can be displayed on the web. They write web scripts in languages such as PHP and ASP. Additionally, they help in updating and maintaining a database used by a website.

Benefits of web design and development:

Better user experience and interface will increase the traffic on your website. 

A Well designed website will attract visitors and thus will boost the revenue.

Having a professionally designed website from the beginning would save you money as you would not have to update it frequently.

The website needs less maintenance when the web development is done right.

The Web Pages will load faster because this is one of the purposes of doing web design and development.

There would be Higher Conversion Rates when the users are satisfied with the website and the business gains their trust with good web design and development.

To keep up with the competitors you need a website that is built with the latest design trends and this can be achieved through a professional web design.

A better web designed and developed website helps in establishing a consistent brand identity.

Web design and development can also improve Search Engine Optimization.

There would be a Good Branding of the business with a better website experience.

The Analytics Reporting would be easier.

The Improved Online Browsing Experience will attract more users.

A professionally designed website ensures that visitors will get a good first impression.

Better web design and development would make the users stay on the website and thus Less Bounce Rate.

The professionally designed website will keep moving up in rankings among popular search engines like Google.

If in future you want to add some additional functionality to your website, it would be easy to so such changes in a professionally designed website.

How Website Design and Development can help in making your business profitable?

The designers know the type of website they are designing and design it accordingly. The business-to-business website design (B2B) differs from a consumer targeted website and entertainment website.  Thus the careful considerations are made to ensure that the overall design of a site does not collide with the clarity and accuracy of the content or the ease of web navigation. The designer also considers the reputation of the owner of the business the site is representing so that they are portrayed positively.

The professionally designed websites make navigation easy, which means that these websites are easy to access. The pages have fast loading speeds so it does not make visitors wait longer. The websites have options that can further assist in navigation such as the inclusion of a search box in a website. The website having easy navigation capabilities would assure more organic traffic. In professionally designed websites business owner gets to choose the images to use in the website. Also, the enterprise can choose the number of images and videos they want to add. The visual content provides the users with a clear picture of what the product looks like. The use of images on the site easily captures the attention of the visitors and this improves the chances of having more users to the website. The prosperity of a business is highly related to the number of sales made. A well-designed website can effectively help businesses to attract more sales. The Sales on websites are attracting more users and more businesses are rushing to conduct online sales. Online sales seem to be a great opportunity to increase profits. The growing number of customers is directly related to the number of sales and thus more the traffic on the website more would be the sales. When the website is available on the internet then the business is on a global platform. Reach out to more clients with professionally designed websites. This means that a less known firm can be searched and provide products to far-off customers.

Hiring Professionals:

Web Design and Web Development services are for all kinds of business. Even a small scale business can grow to a large degree after creating its business website. AdWebs Media is the best in Ahmedabad when it comes to the designing and development of your website. With a highly skilled team of developing & designing professionals and experience of over five years, we excel in the field.  AdWebs Media follows the trend and accordingly advice its clients to move along. We provide quality solutions to our clients, with transparent communication, meeting deadlines. Come to us, we’ll get you through!


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